My Hot Dog Theory

( I originally wrote this post about 4 or 5 years ago. When I redesigned this site I deleted a bunch of pages that I will be bringing back that still apply.)

What Is Vinny Talking About Now?

So you are wondering what does hot dogs have to do with making a website or affiliate marketing. Well after I explained my theory to a few people they told me I should write it down somewhere so that is what I am doing. If you are experienced at making websites you should know what a keyword list is. If you don’t know then you should go find out what it is.

Just like every other website maker I know I have a keyword list that I get from either Wordtracker or one of my other places that I can’t divulge due to competition. Well instead of making a page or pages based on each keyword on my list I expand the list to some things that one may ever search for daily but eventually they will. When that time comes my page will be either #1 thru 10 on the search engines. Now I don’t play tricks with the engines because that is a waste of time. Build pages for the user and you will be better off in the search engines anyway.

Let me explain how and why this is called “My Hot Dog Theory”

Back when I was around 18 I had a job installing replacement windows, the job was ok but I had to travel all the way to New Jersey and that stunk. One of the strangest things that every happened to me came when I was working with the window company. One day we broke for lunch and we stopped at this hot dog truck on the side of the road. Although it was a regular hot dog truck they had tables and chairs and people on line waiting to get hot dogs. Being from New York City I had never saw such a thing, here we walk up to a cart and get a dirty water dog. There is no lines and no table and chairs.

As I got to the side of the hot dog truck to place my order I saw the strangest menu I had ever seen. They had over 300 varieties of items that you can get on a hot dog. The guy in front of me had string beans, cole slaw and cheddar cheese on his. They had all sorts of chili dogs but to the extreme if you know what I am talking about. I was so dumb founded by the guys order in front of me I ordered the same thing. Guess what It was great! They do great business because had repeat traffic and viral marketing due to having a variety. This is something that every website owner craves for.

Now that it is about 15 years later I am making websites and I start making my keyword list and the sites are coming along fine. As I am checking my website server logs I am finding that people are finding my sites using obscure terms. Now every site I make has a huge list of phrases that people may never search but if and when they do I am in place for that traffic. At some point someone somewhere will use a search term like “left handed hot dog” and guess what I will have the top spots across the web for it.

I seriously doubt that others will be making a list when making a site about hot dogs that includes left handed hot dog since that is not the way webmasters think. Guess what people do search for these things, join the parade and include some of my hot dog theory to your site. It can’t hurt and it doesn’t cost you a thing except for some time. The plus here is there is no competition plus some other terms from this page may make it into other search engines. You just never know!

There is a little bit more to this story but I have had your attention for about a minute or so and as you are reading this I will be making more pages. Not the data feed type crap that is out there but unique to the user and giving the user some valuable information about something like “Boston baked beans plastic casserole dish” or something similar.

Of course you have to make the page full of quality information and quality content. You can still get visitors to your site with the build it and they will come theory. You just have to know what the people are looking for in the first place.

Has Vinny lost his mind? Yep all the way to the bank. See some more of my traffic theories on my traffic building pages.