What Do These Two Pictures Have in Common

I am always amazed at good photo’s. I try to think about what people see and think when they look at them. I have to say that I see things a little different when it comes to photos. Look at these two photos below. You may think what beautiful balloons, or what beautiful mountains. The second picture you may be saying what beautiful clocks. The two pictures may be totally different but they are the same. Can you figure it out? Can you see what I see?

Mobile marketing by numbers

My answer is 50 people using smartphones. I bet that wasn’t the answer you were thinking. My next thought is how can I get my website into their pockets. Think about it a second if you were an operator of a hot air balloon wouldn’t you need a smartphone for weather updates, reservation changes etc.

The woman on the cliff is probably taking a picture with her smartphone. So are the people that are in the hot air balloons. There could be up to 75 people that have a smartphone in this picture.

The photo on the right is a city picture with people hustling around. They need smartphones to stay connected. You can even see the guy in the blue shirt on the right using his. Now my question is what are you doing to get your business into peoples pockets.

Is your address on your website for local searches? If you are a local store do you have Google Maps embedded on your site. Are you using Schema mark up on your pages? Do you know what Schema markup is?


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My Affiliate Summit Roundtable Session

Vinny o'hare at Affiliate Summit Roundtable session This past Monday I had the honor of speaking at Affiliate Summit East. My Affiliate Summit roundtable session was well received and we even went into overtime. When I looked around our table still had about 7 people at it and the others were all finished.

We had a good crowd come and go from the table as well as 2 or 3 people that heard me explain my system for making blog posts a few times. It was a little challenging when it came to questions as they were on many topics all at once but a lot of the people had the same questions so it was good they were asked.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was to have affiliates from all over the world. At one time I had someone from Portugal, India, and Germany all asking questions. Combine that with my Brooklyn accent and we had a lot of fun. Everyone walked away with either a game plan or a way of taking my notes and putting it into their existing business.

It is always hard to judge how a session went but later on that day and the next day I had numerous people come up to me and tell me they really enjoyed the session. With all the note taking I saw there is no doubt that in a few months there will be affiliates creating content using the methods I explained in my session.

One affiliate wanted me to build their system for them and go partners on it. He was not happy when I declined but I have enough projects of my own that my content system has not been applied to and I have no time to build websites for partners.

Now I have to plan something for Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

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Meeting New People at Conferences

Train officeBefore I get on with the post I want you to see where I am writing this post right now. I am on a NYC subway train traveling through Brooklyn. This weekend I had a roundtable at the Affiliate Summit conference and it was all about making blog post. The post below was typed on my phone and saved in Evernote. If you have an hour commute make the most of that time by writing a blog post or at least starting one. Now on to the post.

Meeting people
Affiliates normally work by themselves in their home office or whatever part of the world they call their writing home.

Even though it happens from time to time it is always kind of strange when you are at a conference and someone you don’t know comes up to you like they know you because they read your blog.

Today that happened to me at Affiliate Summit. As I was browsing the show floor a nice guy looked at my badge and zoomed across the aisle and says my name and puts his hand out to shake mine. At first you think you know them and you try to place the face in your memory bank but you never do. The guy explains that he reads my site, is on my newsletter list and bought my book.

I stood there flattered and excited. I asked him what he liked about the site and what he wanted to see more of. We probably talked about a 1/2 hour.  Then he told me what his biggest problem was and let’s just say my solution made his trip to Affiliate Summit totally worth it.

I could see it in his eyes as he dropped his stuff on the floor as if he was in shock at how simple it was.

I told him if he had sent me an email with the problem I could of answered him years ago.

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