Building a Newsletter As Soon As Possible

Newsletter subscribersI always get asked about email newsletters and I am always amazed at the most popular question. “When do I start a newsletter?” My answer is always the same “Now.”

Last month I started a new site and the first thing I did after adding a page of content was log in to Aweber and get a newsletter sign up form for the new site. I put it on the site and didn’t think much about it as I was developing a content strategy and doing other things.

Today I log in and see the site has 28 subscribers. Not a large number by any means but it is a starting point to build from once I get the site going in a few weeks.

Since the email is loaded and the auto-responder is set to go out with content every 3 weeks for 9 weeks the people on the list are already interacting with it. I don’t have to do anything and the site is getting traffic from the newsletter.

Building a newsletter list should be one of the main to-do’s as you are building a site. In a world of “Not Provided” keywords disappearing from Google analytics and Facebook starting to show your page to less and less of your fans you have to get your slice of traffic any way you can.

Use Your Social Media Channels To Build Your List

I am a big fan of getting traffic from Facebook or any social site for that matter and getting them to my email list. Besides interacting with the interesting people on social media for future business I also consider social media to be the wide rim of the sales funnel. Once you get people on your newsletter list you control the way they interact with you. 

You can sleep at night and you don’t have to worry if Facebook is showing them your post. Actually you shouldn’t be worrying about it because they are not showing it. You should be spending the time you are using worrying and build content on your site and build up your newsletter list.

Odds are if you are reading this post you came from a social media channel or my newsletter: )

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What Ever Happened To Ben And Dave?

A few years back I did a story on two guys that were not doing the right thing by people. Ben and Dave came on my radar as I was doing affiliate approval applications and saw the same lousy site every day about 20 times. I would decline the affiliate and then send an email telling them what the scam was.

Here is a link to the original story about Ben and Dave and falling for affiliate scams.

I am thinking the FTC was already acting on complaints when I originally published the article. If you lost money to these guys you should Read the update on the FTC website. Maybe you can add your name to the list and get some money back.

From the release:

“According to an FTC complaint filed in November 2012, the defendants sold the “Six Figure Program” to consumers as a purportedly no-risk, money-back guaranteed opportunity to make money via their own website, falsely claiming that, for a $27 fee, they would enable consumers to affiliate with well-known companies’ websites and earn commissions. After purchasing the program, consumers learned that they had to pay $100 or more in additional costs just to set up their websites. The court subsequently halted the allegedly deceptive practices, froze the defendants’ assets, and put the companies into receivership pending a court hearing.

The settlement order announced today permanently prohibits The Online Entrepreneur Inc., Ben and Dave’s Consulting Associates, Inc., and David Clabeaux from selling business and work-at-home opportunities, misrepresenting that consumers are likely to earn money and misrepresenting any material fact about a product or service. They also are barred from failing to clearly disclose the terms of any offer before consumers provide billing information, and making a representation unless it is true and the defendants have competent and reliable evidence to substantiate the claim. In addition, the order prohibits these defendants from selling or otherwise benefitting from consumers’ personal information, and failing to properly dispose of customer information.

The order imposes a judgment of more than $2.9 million, which will be suspended when Clabeaux has surrendered real estate, personal property, and bank and investment accounts. The full judgment will become due immediately if the defendants are found to have misrepresented their financial condition. Litigation continues against the remaining defendant, Benjamin Moskel.”

You can read the whole release here 

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Extend Facebook Reach With One Button

I was talking with a buddy online and he was telling me how his Facebook reach was going down and down and down. At first I gave him a few tips on how to increase it and then I told him why not put your Hootsuite tweet sheet in and push the same tweets to Facebook as you are putting on Twitter. I talked a little about this in my Twitter post last week.

Of course I would not do this all the time but for the sake of testing I did it myself with one of my sites. I pulled out my monthly Twitter sheet I have set up for Hootsuite and deleted the first 9 rows and saved it and uploaded it using the bulk upload tool in Hootsuite. As you can see below I expanded my reach with no problem. This was only posting 2 more times a day.

Expand Facebook Reach

Now if I was to do this seriously I would have a longer Tweet sheet than having the normal 140 characters. Maybe take a snippet of content out of a page and link it back to that page. Odds are the image for the post would get pulled automatically from the page?

If you are using Hootsuite and the bulk uploader why not give this a try! For people that are familiar with the tool already this could be set up in a matter of 1 minute pushing one button.

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