Coca-Cola Content Plan – Things You Can Learn From Them

Coca cola truck parked with clouds

Today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the worst business decisions in american business history. The changing of the original recipe for Coke and calling it “New Coke” is probably taught in business classes all over the world on what not to do. I forget how long it took someone to say hey this was a mistake and quickly go back to the old recipe. Probably as long as it took to sell off the old stock on new Coke would be my guess.

While that disaster is fresh in everyones mind today I want to talk about what Coca-cola is doing today with their content strategy plan because it is quite brilliant. We can all learn from them.

The other day I was browsing Twitter and saw one of my photographer mentors Scott Kelby tweet out a link to a post he did on the Coca-Cola blog. First thing I said to myself was Coca-Cola has a blog? What they heck do they blog about. They have had the same can forever and the same recipe, it must be a bitch to try to come up with content to talk about a brand of soda.

When I went and read Scotts post I was blown away. Not by the great pictures because I knew that would be a given but after I read the post I went back to the main section of the Coca Cola blog and discovered a million “List post” just like Scotts 7 great places to celebrate Earth day.

coke blog


Their plan seems to be get influential people and let them write the post and help them spread it around. Scott has 256k followers on Twitter alone and I am sure he shared it with all his other social media accounts as well. It really is a brilliant way to get content that is on a topic people will be searching for “Earth Day” and have someone that has a lot of followers help spread it around.

My question is how hard is this to do? I bet you can find some people in your niche or a complimentary niche and do this until the cows come home. This brand has it really going on when it comes to content. Scott’s post is already #9 in Google for “Celebrate Earth Day” and I am sure it will move up once all the photographers that follow Scott give the post some social media love and maybe some backlinks. Heck the post is so well done the media may pick up on it every year. I am sure Coca Cola will be using this post every Earth day forever.

How To Use Evernote To Improve Your Love Life

After reading the headline you may have thought “Has Vinny finally lost his mind?” Let me explain a little bit how I use Evernote to keep Debbie happy.

A few months back I was at a store and I saw a red velvet cake and said to myself I should get that for Debbie so I did. I was proud of myself that I remembered this because she had ordered it a few weeks earlier when we went out to eat with her daughter Liz. I couldn’t wait to get home with it. Well I was in for a shock when I arrived home.

I walked in the house and made Debbie come into the kitchen to show her what I brought her. I opened the bag and pulled out the red velvet cake and the look on her face said it all. Turns out Debbie hates red velvet cake. Vinny went from hero to doghouse in seconds.

For a few minutes I was wondering was it a former girlfriend that like red velvet cake? Turns out I had remembered it was Debbie’s daughter Liz ordered the red velvet cake and loved it. She had ordered it a few weeks before at a restaurant we were at so that is why it was fresh in my head.

This is how I started what I call my “Debbie List” I made a list in Evernote that I put in that Deb hates red velvet cake. I asked Deb what type of cake I should get next time? Of course being in the doghouse I got a snarl but eventually she told me. I put the answer in the Debbie list. At first this was just a reminder system for me but I have turned it into my happy list.

Over the next month any time I was at a store or fast food restaurant I asked Deb what she wanted then made a detailed note in my Evernote. At first Deb had no idea but I soon realized that was kind of creepy plus she could add to my list voluntary.

In casual conversation I asked her what size clothes she wears, her favorite flower, etc

She loves it as much as me. She will often tell me to add this or that into Evernote.

I can go to McDonald’s and just bring home her favorite without even telling her I was stopping. Can stop at Victora secrets and pick up something I like in her size, and bring her flowers also. All without her knowing what I am doing.

As I add more and more stuff life has gotten so much better. Start your list, get your spouse involved, have them make a list on your favorite things. You can make it into a fun game.

  • Favorite flower
  • Favorite wine
  • Favorite color
  • Clothes size – get specific shoes – shirts, etc
  • Favorite food
  • Go to Stabucks drink

Sometimes a reminder isn’t good enough though. In the case of Deb’s favorite wine I know she likes moscato by a certain brand. Even though I have it written down I also have a picture of the label saved in Evernote so I make sure I get the right one every time.

I also make notes when we go out to eat when a meal was really good or bad. A few weeks after the meal I can suggest we go to a place and remind her about the great meal and mention what it was. Makes date night so much better.

These are just some suggestions. Along with this list I also have a section on the bottom of my list things she hates. Just not bringing these things home has improved my out of the doghouse odds immensely.

Go pick up Evernote today and save yourself a headache and keep yourself out of the doghouse.

Affiliate Summit West Wrap Up

Affiliate Summit once again proved to be the best show when it comes to affiliate marketing. This year they had around 6000 attendees making deals and learning about whats new in the industry.

As usual for us we registered as soon as the show registration opened. This year it was a lot more crowded than previous years which is good because trying to get your pass the day of the show is crazy. It only took us 10 minutes.
affiliate summit registration

High Roller Speaker Party

After registering we ran over to the newest attraction in Las Vegas the “High Roller” ferris wheel. Actually I am not sure you could call it a ferris wheel. Whatever it is it is big. We had a great time and the view is fabulous. Thanks to Missy and Shawn for inviting us.
High Roller las Vegas

Performance Horizon Affiliate Summit West Party

After a quick meal and getting changed we headed over to the Performance Horizon Party at the Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM. It was a great time. It was great to see some old friends and find out what is up at Performance Horizon.
performance horizon

After the party it was back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep and get ready for Affiliate Summit to actually begin. I have to admit I did take it easy since I had to speak the next day. More on that in the next post.

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